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Energy Conservation Guidelines

Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Guidelines of University of Taipei

1. Always carry a handkerchief, reduce the use of tissue paper, toilet paper and
    wrapping paper. Double-sided printing on photocopy paper reduces the us-
    e of paper, which is hygienic and environmentally friendly.

2. Taking public transport such as buses and MRT as much as possible, or wa-
    lking and cycling more often, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and is g-
    ood for your health.

3. Wear sweat-wicking, light-weight, decent and energy-efficient clothing to
    work and school.

4. Bring your own eco-friendly water bottle, mug and tableware.

5. Use recycled and products with green mark as much as possible. Try Green
    Procurement as possible.

6. Use energy saving lamps and high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) electrical pr-

7. Open the windows more and use less electricity, don't turn on the air con
    itioner below 28℃, and turn off the power of electrical appliances you have
    finished using.

8. Resist the temptation to buy exotic items out of town, reduce energy con-
    sumption in transporting to distant places, and eat more local, seasonal food.

9. Regularly tidy up waste, such as batteries and old books, and recycle resourc-
    eto reduce waste.

10. Plant green plants in classrooms, offices and campuses to protect your eyes
      and the environment.