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About us

Introduction ( About Us )


Department of earth and Life Science

    Based on traditional biological and earth sciences, "of the Earth's environment group" and "group of biological resources", because of the response to social changes necessary scientific talent, the Department of curriculum design both basic science and applied science students in accordance with interest and school orientation, attend teacher education program, as well as the integration of the different areas of knowledge, extended education, employment of the road after the student graduates.

Master's Program of Environmental Education & Resources

(1) culture geology, atmosphere, oceans of Earth Environment, professional research personnel.

(2) culture morphology, biological physiological, ecological, bio-technology and other professional personnel.

(3) culture to explore environmental resources, to solve environmental problems in environmental education professionals.
(4) Training planning, execution and evaluation of environmental education programs of environmental education professionals


In 2009, in preparation for the 2011 year, our department began its departmental merger plan that combined into one department (our current department) the Geobiotics Group of the Department of the Natural Sciences and the Graduate Institute of Environmental Education and Resources, as outlined by the Ministry of Education in their response to our application for merger.

Graduate School of Environmental Education and Resources was founded on August 1 2001 to meet the demanding needs of environmental protection. Combining with the professions of science, biology, landscape conservation, outdoor education, environmental education, environmental ethics, and aesthetics, the school aims to conduct research on media and curriculum development and fostering academic study in related fields. 
Currently the faculty are from the Departments of Natural Science, Social Study Education, Education, and Art. In addition to university graduate students, the school also provide opportunities for in-service teachers and administrators from government to advance their knowledge in environmental education and improve the quality of research.
On August 1 2006, the school has been renamed as Graduate School of Environmental Education and Resources and the students enrolled is divided into two groups to build integrated knowledge in this field..
Research Focus:
1. Teacher training on environmental protection.
2. Research on environmental protection.
3. To fund the research budget.
4. To establish a Media Information Center Building.
5. To provide social education and lifelong learning.