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Department of Earth and Life Sciences (Master’s Program of Environmental Education & Resources)

Welcom to Department of earth and Life Science





Seminar Notes
(A) Graduate person presentations total time 35 minutes
(Report 20 minutes, the students questions 5 minutes, 5 minutes teacher notes and questions, buffer for 5 minutes.)
(B) Description
1.3/2 before completing the order of the reporting staff and weekly courses students on duty.
2.7 days ago complete poster production, and to the registrations published in the bulletin.
3.to 7 days before the payment of the written information to the instructor, and prepare ppt written information and feedback to participants single report. (Books, newspapers related files Seminar form download)
Report within 7 days after pay-to instructor.
Course students on duty will be responsible for the day course helps - such as: classroom and electrical equipment key circulation, clean maintenance, teachers tea ready, photography or photography-related matters.
(C) class requirements, depending on the instructor shall prevail.